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Buy Cannabis Online

Save money when you buy cannabis online from WholesaleBud. We’re known for our high-quality products, but affordable prices are another great reason to buy from us. If you’re looking for a better selection of cannabis strains, new ways to enjoy THC, or a superior customer experience, you never have to look any further than WholesaleBud for your next order.

10 WholesaleBud Cannabis Products You’ll Want to Try

1. Crystal Coma, a sativa strain that is considered a top shelf for relieving chronic pain. This sativa-dominant strain is rated 5-stars on our website and contains 27% THC! The favorable reviews Crystal Coma has received are a strong indication of its ability to deliver an exceptional high.

2. Gold Seal Black Afghan Hash, a very hard-to-find product, is available from our dispensary at a very affordable cost. You’ll love its sweet, spicy, and high potency that will make you a repeat customer at WholesaleBud.

3. For pain relief without the high, choose Trust CBD Pain Relief Roller that penetrates quickly and delivers long-lasting results. Read our product labels and shop on our online cannabis store when you want an exceptional product without all the filler ingredients.

4. Consuming cannabis is a fun way to enjoy the high- and it’s never been more delicious than it is when you shop at our cannabis store. Unlike other dispensaries that only sell to medical patients, we simplify the process when you want to buy recreational cannabis online. Check out our huge selection of delicious THC edibles, including rich, chocolatey Big Bang Brownies, today.

5. Try Canndybis Chocolate Dipped Sour Key Gummies when you don’t have time to roll a blunt and want to kick back and chill. Single serving gummies are affordably priced at WholesaleBud- mix & match with other products and try them all.

6. If you’ve never experienced shrooms, you’ll want to take advantage of our African magic Mushroom capsules that make it easy to consume without the mess. Our shrooms capsules come 10 to a pack at the unbeatable price of $27.

7. Not all of us are natural born joint rollers- if you have trouble with dexterity or just can’t seem to roll the perfect joint, don’t be embarrassed; WholesaleBud carries pre-rolls and blunts you can whip out in a group setting. Get ready to impress your friends with our cost-effective pre-rolled joints.

8. Stock up on cannabis seeds for your garden from WholesaleBud- we have a nice selection to choose from in our inventory. Click the ‘Strains’ link and select seeds to browse available strains.

9. Save while buying cannabis online when you visit our Super Buys section where you’ll find deep discounts on your favorite strains, like King Tut, Dark Angel, Desert Storm, Sugar Kush, and many others.

10. Mix and match when you buy cannabis online at WholesaleBud. Select from sativa and indica strains for the best value on weed.

Contact one of our marijuana experts with any questions or ask for assistance placing an order when you connect with us through the WholesaleBud website. You’ll always find the best deal when shopping on our Web dispensary.

Buy Cannabis Online