Germinating Marijuana Seeds

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Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Germinating marijuana seeds isn’t as hard as it might sound. That’s because cannabis doesn’t require any special soil preparation; instead, it grows naturally. The first step to growing strong plants is choosing healthy seeds which don’t have any diseases or physical deformities.

At HomegrownCannabis Co, we carefully select our seeds to ensure what we supply our clients meets the highest possible standards of quality.

We've also partnered with some of the largest and most renowned breeders who provide us with topnotch seeds for planting. Some of them include Barney’s Farm, CannaBioGen, 710 Genetics, among others.     

What Type of Soil is Convenient for Growing Cannabis Seeds?

Generally, the soil should have a balanced alkalinity level meaning it shouldn’t be too acidic or basic. Experts recommend that the suitable ratio should fall between 6 to 6.8 pH (potential hydrogen). A proper pH level allows the seedling to absorb more nutrients from the soil, thereby making it grow much faster and stronger.

Apart from alkalinity, the soil also needs to be porous enough to allow water and sunlight to penetrate and nurture the germinating seed. Loam soil is the best type since it has all these properties.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Germination. Which One Should You Choose?

It all depends on your preferences as a grower. Some people prefer outdoor planting since they believe natural elements lead to healthier plants compared to seedlings grown in a man-made environment. Moreover, the operating costs of outdoor germination are lower. You will not have to pay for electricity to provides light or buy any expensive indoor planting equipment. 

On the other hand, indoor cultivation is more secure because your plants are at a lesser risk of being destroyed by vermin or pests lurking outside.

Can You Use Deep Water Culture for Germination?

Yes. If you don’t prefer using soil for germination because of the dirt it creates, it’s possible to go hydroponic. That involves suspending the seedlings in water and only adding essential minerals to the solution. This gives the plants the nutritional elements they need to grow healthy.

As a new marijuana grower, this germination method is less tedious and simple to manage.   

Basic Equipment and Supplies for Indoor Marijuana Growing

One of the essential components you require is a Grow Light. It can be in different forms such as LED, HPS, CMH, or DE. You’ll also need a tent or liner to help boost your grow light’s performance.

Typically, these items are made from canvas, poly film, or Mylar materials which provide a protective layer to keep away bugs and mildew from the growth site.

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