Oakdale MN Hemp

Oakdale MN Hemp

CBD is now well-known for its numerous physical and mental health benefits. From anxiety to pain relief, CBD is fast emerging as a viable alternative to regular opiate-based pain killers that are responsible for the opioid epidemic in the US. Minnesota Hempdropz is our Oakdale, MN, Hemp store where you can find all kinds of CBD products to suit your needs.

Why is CBD so popular now?

Research on the health benefits of CBD in treating a host of medical conditions and illnesses showed incredible results, starting with the 1980s. However, because marijuana also had CBD, researchers found it hard to obtain and study CBD or medical marijuana due to federal regulations.

Things have improved now after medical marijuana programs came online in several states, where medical marijuana is legal for treating certain conditions. With several states recently legalizing marijuana, the stigma around it, and its derivative products like CBD is dying down. As a result, medical research on CBD has been speeding up, and manufacturers are now far more creative with CBD product ranges.

What conditions are best treated by CBD products?

CBD has countless health benefits, both mental and physical. Anecdotal and clinic evidence show that CBD was successful in treating psychological issues like anxiety and insomnia. In several studies, CBD was effective in reducing the stress hormone cortisol in both humans and rats.

CBD shows the most promising potential in providing pain relief in the treatment of various diseases and conditions. Studies show that CBD reduced pain for patients of cancer, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and Parkinson’s disease. In the fitness industry, CBD is commonly used in weight loss supplements as it encourages the body to burn fat instead of storing it.

CBD is now highly accessible due to the mounting scientific evidence pointing to its diverse health benefits as well as clever marketing by manufacturers of CBD products. At our Oakdale, MN, Hemp store, you can find CBD gummies, lotions, E-juices and tinctures.

Where does CBD come from?

Federal regulations only allow CBD products with CBD derived from hemp to be sold to the public. Genetically, both hemp and the medical cannabis plant are identical variations of the Cannabis Sativa plant. The only difference is that hemp-CBD has very little THC compared to marijuana.

As THC is the psychoactive chemical responsible for the harmful effects of marijuana use, including jitteriness and anxiety, it is illegal in many states.

CBD and THC are both compounds known as cannabinoids, a group of compounds that are also produced naturally in our bodies. Researchers believe that cannabinoids like CBD react with our endocannabinoid system in the body to reduce inflammation in muscles and joints, which explains CBD’s pain-relieving benefits.

If you’ve been reluctant to try CBD products due to their perceived legal issues, hemp derived CBD is perfectly legal in Minnesota because there is no psychoactive THC in them. Minnesota Hempdropz, our Oakdale, MN, hemp store, sells a variety of hemp-CBD products made from premium, locally grown organic hemp.

Oakdale MN Hemp
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